The beauty salon where CBC News’ Marie-Philip Blais was working for years has closed.

    CBC News has confirmed that the Beauty Salon at the West End in Ottawa has been closed since March.

    The salon closed on March 7, two days before the CBC News story on the closure was published.

    Marie-Philips Blais, the daughter of the salon’s founder, was hired by CBC News as a freelance journalist in March 2017.

    CBC says the newsroom is now staffed by a new staff of five people.

    CBC reported earlier this month that the CBC has received no official comment from the salon.

    Blais said in an interview with CBC News last month that she has never been paid more than $1,500 a month since January.

    “I’ve been working there for two years and have never been asked to leave,” she said.

    The CBC also reported that in February, the CBC’s Ottawa bureau moved its operations out of the West Wing and into an office at the Heritage Foundation.

    According to an email from CBC’s executive editor, the move was made “due to a need to align operations and resources with our growing newsroom in Ottawa.”

    The CBC has also been told by a source close to the salon that a new newsroom will be built at the centre of the Ottawa district.

    Blaire said the newsrooms newsroom and the offices in the city centre will remain open.

    She added that the salon will remain closed until the new newsrooms is ready to reopen.

    Blaire said she and her colleagues will continue to fight to have the CBC and other media outlets pay their staff properly.

    In addition to her work for CBC, Blais has also worked for other media organizations including The Toronto Star, National Post, Radio Canada, CBC News and The Huffington Post.


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