DANNY BEAUTY SALON (NYSE: DBA) announced today that it has made a $50,000 investment into the business, adding about $3 million to its revenue this year.

    The investment comes on the heels of an initial $50 million investment last year, which the company said will help drive the company’s growth through acquisitions, new businesses and expansion.

    Diana Beauty Salon’s current revenue comes to about $14 million per year, with $12 million in gross merchandise sales.

    The company has recently been expanding its brand to include makeup, hair, spa, and accessories.

    In addition to the $50M investment, the company announced today it has added new positions with new employees, and is expanding its existing stores.

    Diane Beauty Salon CEO and Founder Diana Rose said the company has always had a strong focus on providing a professional service to our clients, and has always focused on providing our products and services to our customers and the community at large.

    “Our mission is to deliver high-quality, high-value products to our loyal clientele, which is why we have continued to invest in our brand, expanding into new markets, expanding our facilities, and expanding our customer experience,” Rose said.

    Dianna Beauty Salon was founded in 1997 by Diana Rose and her husband, Danis, who met while both working as beauty editors at a beauty supply store.

    The couple decided to open their own beauty salon when they found a friend who was looking for an opportunity to open a beauty salon.

    The Roses began offering a salon in 1997, and the couple expanded into other areas of their lives, including jewelry, personal care, and clothing.

    Dia Rose is currently a partner in the Washington, D.C., office of the boutique law firm of Perkins Coie.

    For more information on the company, visit https://www.dianambeauty.com or call (202) 665-8876.

    About Diana Beauty: Diana Beauty is a specialty salon serving the unique needs of women who want to express their femininity through quality beauty and beauty-focused services.

    We have more than 60 locations across the United States and Canada, and we offer high-end beauty, hair care, beauty accessories, skin care, facial and body treatments, skincare, nail care, cosmetics, haircare and more.

    For the latest news on the industry and the beauty industry, follow @DianaBeauty on Twitter and Instagram.

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    The firm’s clients range from major corporations to individual companies and the global media.

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