By Elizabeth ShafferIn 2014, I started looking into the beauty and beauty salon industry in India.

    After I left India, I went back and studied in the United States, where I was fortunate enough to work in a beauty salons in the Philadelphia area, a city that was booming at the time.

    The industry was very vibrant, with many new, younger, and up-and-coming salons popping up all across the country.

    The quality of their services and the quality of the facilities was phenomenal, but there were still some places where the quality and the service was lacking.

    It was just not the same.

    It wasn’t that they were bad or anything.

    I just thought that it was a little different than the way that I was used to working.

    I found it very empowering to be in a place where I could actually create my own space to explore and to make my own art.

    The experience in India, from a business standpoint, has really changed my perspective.

    It has given me the ability to really see what’s possible in the beauty industry, and it’s a place I’d like to come back to.

    In my previous experiences, I had always been focused on what my clients wanted, what their needs were, and how I could help them make their own choices about what they wanted, which was the goal.

    That’s not the case with India.

    The beauty industry here is a completely different world.

    There are so many people with so much to offer.

    The people who are here today, they have a different vision and a different experience, and they’re all very generous.

    I was so happy when I got the opportunity to start my own beauty salon in India in the summer of 2016.

    My goal with this venture was to create something unique and unique, but not a one-off experience.

    We’re really trying to do something new and something that has a lot of potential.

    The salon I started, we’re going to try to create a vision that is a little bit different than what is in the salon that I work in in now.

    It will be an opportunity for me to see what it is that is really unique in India today, and I think I’m going to have a lot more to offer to the beauty community in India than just the basics.

    I’ve learned so much about the beauty salon business in India by living and working there.

    I’ve seen how much it can help a person’s self-esteem, because it can give you confidence in your own body and confidence in yourself.

    I’m learning that there’s so much more to beauty salon that the people who work there are learning from.

    We are learning about our customers, the way they interact with the salon, how we use different products, and what the makeup artists do to create beautiful makeup for the clients.

    It’s a very collaborative space that’s going to be a great opportunity for us to really grow and to help other people get the confidence that they need to make better decisions about what to do with their skin, and their bodies, and maybe more importantly, their lives.


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