India’s beauty industry is in turmoil after the launch of a popular beauty brand, erika, last week, which drew outrage after the brand promoted an ‘inspiring’ new line of beauty products. 

    Elegance Beauty Salon, which was launched in August and has a range of products to match any body type, has been criticised by many as a ‘sneaky promotion’ and is now being shut down. 

    The company’s Instagram page has been taken down, while the company’s website is now unavailable and customers are unable to visit it.

    The company has been accused of selling products that do not match the needs of their customers, and it has faced criticism from the Indian beauty industry, who say they are struggling to compete against brands like L’Oreal, which is already selling a range with similar products.

    Erika’s Instagram profile photo was taken by a woman named ‘Shahab’ who claimed she was a beauty expert who knew what she was talking about.

    She has since been accused by customers of trying to ‘sell out’ and ‘exploit’ customers. 

    In a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday, Shahab claimed she had worked as a beauty teacher at a school for children with dyslexia, and had become friends with the brand’s founder and chief executive, Arundhati Bhattacharya.

    ‘I have worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years and I know exactly what I’m talking about,’ she said in the video.’

    When I first met the founders of Erika, I was blown away by their passion and passion for their brand.

    I had to share my experience in the business to make sure the brand has a future and to be a positive influence on the beauty scene.’

    Erika also recently launched a beauty brand called Preeti, which has received negative reviews from consumers.

    Preeti is not the first beauty brand to be shut down, but it has been the first that has been shut down by social media users.

    India is the fourth largest market in the world for beauty products, after China, South Korea and the US, according to the UN. 

    Bhattachary’s Instagram post has been shared over 1.5 million times and has been viewed over 15 million times.

    The beauty industry in India is largely unregulated and there are few rules on the products sold, so there is little oversight over what products are allowed and what are not.

    However, the issue is compounded by the fact that brands often use social media to spread misinformation and create fake accounts to promote products.’

    Erika is a dirty brand with no credibility.

    It’s not credible.

    It is selling products for the sake of selling,’ said Rishi Raj, CEO of Beauty Salon.

    There are also reports of customers being harassed and intimidated by the brand, who have also received threats.

    “It’s not just erika.

    There are many brands that are doing this, and they are creating fake accounts.

    The brands will send fake messages on Instagram, they will post fake pictures of themselves, they may post fake Instagram photos of themselves and it creates a huge pressure on people to get the product they want,” said Bhattocharya.”

    There are many people who have had their accounts deleted for posting negative comments about the brand,” said Raj.

    Elegacy Beauty Salon’s Instagram account has also been deleted.


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