What is the best hair salon in the world? 

    How to find one and stay at it. 

    This is an interesting question and one that has been pondered by some of our readers over the past few months.

    There is an abundance of great hair salons in the United States, but which one is the most luxurious?

    The answer, unfortunately, is that it is hard to say, especially with so many options to choose from.

    This article is a compilation of the best salons for your needs, and it will give you an idea of which ones you should go to, where you should visit, and what type of salon you should choose.


    Alyssa Mays Hair Salon, Atlanta, Georgia


    How to find a beauty salon

    The beauty salon scene in San Francisco is filled with beauty gurus and celebrities, but for many in the city, the most coveted salon in town isn’t the one at Union Square or the one that hosts the Golden Globes.The beauty industry has become a…