It’s a little known fact, but many people think they can use a beauty salon as a way to get a new haircut.

    It’s true, but you might not want to be on your own if you’re trying to do a new look, says Melanie O’Neill, the founder of O’Brien & O’Connor, which has been providing a variety of beauty products and services to Australians since 2007.

    “We’ve had many clients tell us that they didn’t feel comfortable with a new stylist because they were unsure about their new hair style,” Ms O’Neil says.

    “I do a lot of work with people who have a new style, and they say it’s a pain because you’re not sure if you want it.”

    In the meantime, Ms O”Neill advises people to keep their eyes peeled for local beauty and hair salons in your area.

    “It’s always good to check if the hair salon is nearby,” she says.

    It may be a good idea to check out the salon in the city, rather than just visiting the local market.

    The salon’s owner, Lisa Phelan, says her customers are drawn to the relaxed atmosphere, and she is happy to cater for those with a preference for new hairstyles.

    “There’s no pressure, so it’s great to cater to them and give them options,” Ms Phelans says.

    She adds that the salon’s stylists are highly experienced, so they’re able to offer a wide range of styles.

    “If they’re not up to the task, they’re looking for other opportunities,” Ms Ruggiero says.

    In some cases, you can pay by the hour or pay for the salon to do the work.

    However, if you can’t find a salon nearby, you could ask for advice from a local hairstylist.

    “Most people come from somewhere like Sydney, Melbourne or Sydney, or they go there with a stylist, so that’s where they’re coming from,” Ms Laughlin says.

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