The crypto-mining site Dolly Beauty Salon is currently experiencing a severe downtime.

    The news came from an article posted on the company’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

    Dolly Beauty Salon in Miami is currently suffering from a maintenance outage.

    The salon is now experiencing downtime, and is asking for the community to help keep it going.

    The company is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, Dolly Hair Salon owner Jennifer Lopes said in a post on the salon’s Facebook wall.

    Dolly Beauty salon has been offering customers a discount coupon code to buy beauty products.

    Customers can use the code “Dolly” to pay with Bitcoin.

    The discount code was only available on Wednesday, March 10, according to the post.

    Dollar-cost shampoo was among the products being sold at the salon on Wednesday for $1.99.

    The shampoo has a 10% discount, but the discount code also gave customers a 30% discount on other products.

    Dolls beauty salon was a favorite of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

    It was launched in late 2016 as a cryptocurrency mining and beauty salon.

    It launched an app, Dollys Beauty, to connect people with people who offer beauty services, and it has an online shop.


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