In a recent interview, beauty and wellness entrepreneur and author Laura Osterholm spoke about her journey to becoming the face of her product line, Bella, and the challenges that come with being an outsider.

    Here are some highlights from our conversation.


    How did you first discover Bella?

    When I started Bella Beauty Salon, I was a pretty newbie, so I was very inexperienced.

    My mom bought Bella from a beauty store and we spent a lot of time together shopping, so it was super-easy for me to get a hold of the products.

    We loved them, but I was nervous about them.

    I didn’t know if they would work for me, and my mom and I didn, too.

    It was very awkward because I was afraid that I would get upset or something.

    And I was also really new to Italian beauty.

    But when I saw Bella, I fell in love.


    How do you choose products?

    I love to try new things, especially if I’m looking for something new.

    But if I find something that I really like and like it enough, I’ll buy it.

    For Bella, the first thing I tried was a lip balm called Pura Bella.

    I was really impressed with the product.

    It’s a light, soft, moisturizing balm, which works really well for my skin.


    What’s your favorite part of Bella?

    I’m so happy with the products that I have.

    I love the way they feel and the way I feel when I wear them.

    And the packaging is perfect.

    I really love the artistry and the detail.

    I also really like the packaging.

    It has that Italian feel.

    I’m a big fan of all Italian beauty products, but it’s also an amazing product range.


    How does the brand fit into your lifestyle?

    I like Bella because I love Italian beauty and Italian style.

    And Bella has a beautiful, authentic look.

    But Bella also sells to the U.S.A. I don’t know how much more I can do.

    But I think I can be a Bella ambassador for Bella, so that means I’m going to be doing Italian beauty for Bella.


    What do you hope to achieve with Bella?

    It’s really important to me that Bella is a product that I can really love.

    It doesn’t have to be expensive.

    If I really want to, I can buy a lot more products.

    But for me it’s more about the way the product feels, and I’m really happy with Bella.


    What are your tips for becoming a Bella Ambassador?

    When Bella first came out, I had no idea what Italian style was, but Bella has so much style.

    You can’t really make a good Italian product without being able to express yourself.

    And if you do that, it’s going to feel good.

    Bella is really about the art of Italian style and the craftsmanship and the beauty of beauty.


    How have you found the brand to resonate with people?

    There’s definitely a lot to love about Bella.

    And it’s really about what Bella is, not just what Bella looks like.

    But it’s about the brand itself, too: how they are selling their products, how they have their stores, and how they treat their customers.

    And that’s really what resonates with me. 8.

    Do you have any favorite products?

    My personal favorite is the Lip Balm because I have really good skin, and when I use it I feel great.

    I can also get a really good, healthy, smooth-looking lip.


    What was your favorite product to try?

    The lip balms, they are just amazing.

    And then the lip gloss.

    I like to wear it with a lot different products, too, because I can blend in my makeup.

    It makes me look good.


    How is Bella different than other beauty brands?

    The Italian style of the product line is a little bit more sophisticated, and you can get a lot, lot more.

    Bella has that artistry about their products.

    It really has that authentic feel.


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