The dress you get in your bridal shower or at your wedding is going to look different depending on your style and the type of day you’re having.

    You can make it look as cute as possible by altering the color of your hair, the color on your neckline, the length of your skirt, the style of your dress and even your shoes.

    But to create the best look for your event, you need to make sure the style you choose is the best for you and your body.

    We’ve got tips for creating a perfect wedding dress from the experts in the field.


    Choose a color palette The most important thing when designing a wedding dress is choosing a color that looks flattering and unique.

    You should also make sure you use a color you like to match the look of your wedding dress.

    There are several different ways to choose colors, but if you want to make it a bit more interesting, try using shades that are complementary.

    For example, if you’re a blonde, you could go with a blue-toned color or a light brown, such as olive green.

    This way, you’ll match your dress to your hair and neckline while keeping your silhouette and dress size the same.

    A darker, more bold color would be ideal for a bridal party.


    Choose your materials A bridal designer can make a lot of different color combinations, but a few key points to consider are: Light weight fabrics, like cotton, linen, silk, rayon, and polyester


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