A few years ago, I decided to try out my new blush cosmetics. 

    I had never used a blush before and didn’t want to do any makeup for it.

    I tried the two most popular brands, Lancôme and Guerlain, and both were awesome.

    I used my existing blush brushes to create the perfect, soft, full coverage shade.

    I also used the blush remover to create a slightly metallic shimmer. 

    Lancôme is a classic pink, which I liked.

    I love the subtle gold shimmer.

    Guerlain is more purple.

    I had never seen this before, and it just looked gorgeous.

    I could not stop thinking about the shimmer.

    I am a huge fan of Guerlain products. 

    As soon as I applied my blush, I was amazed at how smooth it was.

    It did not feel tacky, and there was no need to touch up my face with powder or lip gloss. 

    For a little extra, I added a little gold and a little shimmer.

    The result was a gorgeous, light and sheer shade.

    It was so easy to blend and blend again, and I was in heaven! 

    I did a few more of these blends and got really excited.

    This time, I wanted to try a deeper shade. 

    This time, it was a darker pink with gold glitter. 

    The effect was amazing.

    I looked like I had just taken off my makeup. 

    My face is not the most radiant and the pink was so flattering.

    I can honestly say I’m a huge Guerlain fan. 

    So I did another one.

    This one had more of a shimmery shimmer.

    But this time, the shimmer was a little less prominent. 

    Again, I didn’t feel any need to add makeup to my face and I just wore it like a light, shimmery blush. 

    After that, I tried out more of the darker shades. 

    All of the shades I tried had a bit of shimmer, and some were really sheer. 

    You can really see how beautiful these shades are. 

    Then I tried my own version.

    This was my first time using a powder blush, and although I had tried Guerlain before, I had no idea how to use it. 

    But, once I got the hang of it, it worked perfectly. 

    With the powder blush in hand, I applied the shade of powder, blended, applied the powder on my face, and then applied a dab of a little bit of liquid blush on top. 

    What I like to do is use the blush powder on the powdery powder on top and apply the powder under my cheekbone to make a natural flush. 

    It really does a great job of covering my pores and gives a nice glow. 

    If you have a bit more powder on your face, you can blend the powder in a powder brush and apply it to your cheekbone and you can even do the same with the powder to make the flush even more dramatic. 

    In addition, you could add some shimmer to your blush powder to create even more of that beautiful shimmery glow.

    The best part of this blush is that it does not have to be powdery at all.

    I actually like to use this blush with powder on it to create an even, full-coverage blush.

    It is a bit difficult to use a powder on a powdery blush, but I love that this works because it does create a very natural flush effect. 

    Overall, I really enjoyed this blush.

    I think the powder is great for light-to-medium skin tones, and the shade is perfect for a light-medium-tovery-full-copper complexion. 

    I definitely recommend this blush to anyone who loves a little more glow.

    I will definitely buy this blush again.


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