What a new Bellas salon! 

    We’re thrilled to share our latest photo shoot with you today. 

    The Bellas have recently opened a new salon in Covent Garden, London, and the new design is inspired by the classic glamour look. 

    Take a look at our photos to see why Bellas are the new trendsetters in the beauty world.

    Watch the video below for the scoop on how to dress up like a real woman in their new beauty salon.

    Bellas have been a fixture in the UK beauty scene for more than a decade.

    Their first major UK show at London Fashion Week in 2005 was their first ever UK Fashion Week appearance.

    The look, which was designed by Joanna Johnston, inspired the brand’s signature blonde wig and a new line of makeup.

    Bella have also been a regular at UK Fashion Weeks since 2009, making their debut in the British Fashion Awards in 2010 and 2012.

    The brand has continued to be a mainstay at UK fashion shows ever since, with their most recent UK show in 2016.

    The new Bellamals Salon has opened in Coventry, and is designed to look and feel like a salon, not a beauty salon: You can also check out the Bellas at London’s Covent Gardens Fashion Week and London Fashion Weeks. 

    Bellas are a UK-based pop-up brand that has expanded globally. 

    Read more about Bellas.

    Bellamals are the UK’s second-biggest cosmetics brand behind Sephora.

    They also recently opened an online shop in the US.

    The brand has launched a range of products that range from hair and skin care to makeup, hair care, skincare and fragrance. 

    Here are some of the latest beauty trends:


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