FourFourSeconds ago we announced that we would be announcing the first ever official location for Angelica’s Beauty Salon.

    We are very happy to have the opportunity to announce our second location in Vancouver, Canada.

    Angelica’s will be located in a beautiful location just a short drive from downtown Vancouver.

    It’s just two minutes from the downtown area and only 10 minutes from downtown Yaletown.

    This location has been chosen to provide a unique experience for our clientele who will be able to enjoy the most authentic and unique beauty salon experience in the world.

    In addition to the best beauty experience in North America, the venue is also home to our exclusive salon.

    The salon is dedicated to the beauty and wellness of all types and ages, with an emphasis on the needs of children.

    We have two different beauty rooms available, a family room for families with children, and an office space for individuals and families.

    There is an abundance of natural and organic products available to choose from, and our staff will work tirelessly to provide the best quality of service and the best care possible for our clients.

    As the name suggests, Angelica will be the first place in Canada where we offer our customers the most unique, professional, and personal experience.

    We will be offering a full suite of services and services and accessories.

    We want Angelica to be a place where the client is able to relax, recharge, and get the most from the experience, while also giving back to their community.

    Angelika’s will include:• An upscale spa and fitness center• A spa, yoga studio, and sauna for clients to relax and rejuvenate• A wellness room for clients with special needs• A private salon with a fully equipped spa, a yoga studio and saunas for clients• A full suite with complimentary drinks, complimentary haircuts, and complimentary haircutters for clients in the office• A salon where the staff will help clients to become their best selves.

    The salon will also feature a children’s play area with a giant mini-pond for toddlers and a childrens playground, an outdoor patio, a large childrens play area and more.


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