Nelly Shores, in San Francisco, California, is a beautiful, vibrant and intimate beauty salon.

    The salon has been serving customers since 2011.

    Now, Nelly Beauty Salon has decided to close its doors and the new owners are looking for a new tenant.

    The new owners plan to build a new, upscale, high-end spa, according to The Associated Press.

    The new owners of Nelly are asking for an undisclosed amount from the salon.

    According to the AP, the new owner plans to renovate the salon and hire more staff, but not close down the salon altogether.

    Nelly has also been receiving complaints from customers, but is willing to do so, the AP reported.

    The salon was originally located at 1321 Market St. in San Rafael, California.

    The former owners sold it to an Asian family in 2017, and then the family turned the property into a boutique, according a news release from the San Francisco Public Library.


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