The hair salon Milagro is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and it’s been a long time coming.

    The company started in the 1920s, and its name was chosen from a shortlist of 100 names for the new salon, according to a statement from the chain.

    “Milagros is a place of beauty, and we know that beauty is an important part of life,” said founder and chief executive Anna S├ínchez.

    “For many years we have been the only salon in the world offering salon-quality hair care.

    We believe we have created a salon for people who love their hair, their nails and their nails are perfect for each other.”

    The salon is located in a small office building on the outskirts of Madrid.

    It’s a unique experience for customers, as it takes place in a beautiful, secluded setting with no crowds.

    “It’s like being in the heart of the city,” said owner Juana Martinez.

    “We have to go from the entrance to the back.

    The doors are closed, and there are no windows.

    There’s no traffic.”

    The first Milagrotica opened in 1920, but it was sold to another company in 1927 and opened a new location in 1980.

    The beauty brand now has 7,000 salons across the world, with over 500 in the UK.


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