When you’re feeling a bit burnt out from a long day at the salon, you may need to step up the bleach game.

    Salon owner and salon manager Tara Beauty Salon in San Diego is offering a bleach-free option for the first time in a decade, as part of its effort to keep its salon customers healthy.

    The salon’s CEO, Tara Beauty, says she believes it’s the first of its kind in the country.

    “It’s just a whole new approach that we’re taking, and we’re not just using a bleach.

    We’re using a whole different solution,” Tara Beauty told ABC News.

    The new bleach-based bleach will be available at Tara Beauty on Tuesday, June 19.

    The shampoo and conditioner will be free to customers of the salon as well.

    “We’re giving out shampoo, conditioner and water,” Tara told ABC affiliate KCAL.

    The bleach-treated hair has been offered for about three years, Tara said.

    The soap will be made in house, and customers can order by phone or email.

    Tara Beauty will offer it to customers who visit the salon on Tuesday.


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