There is a good chance you’ve heard that salon workers are required to wear face masks, and that those masks have to be used in a certain way.

    But the reality is the majority of beauty salon staff are not required to use masks.

    The Queensland Government is cracking down on this, but what you need to know about masks, where they come from and what to do if you do get one is covered in a new report.

    1:25 Beauty salon signs in Brisbane’s south have been vandalised in the past couple of months The Queensland Police Service has received a number of complaints about the signs in the CBD area, but the most common concern has been with the signage in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

    While some of the signs were removed, the most frequent concerns have been around the quality of the products being sold.

    “We received a call about a couple of these signs, one in Brisbane that was damaged and another in Brisbane which was in need of some repairs,” said Detective Sergeant Steve Trowbridge.

    Detective Sergeant Trowbrid said while most of the complaints were about the quality and the signs themselves, the signs also highlighted the fact that there were people who were not using the signs correctly.

    “What we’ve noticed is there are a lot of people in the beauty industry that are not aware of the laws that are in place and what they’re required to do in the face mask and in order to do that,” he said.

    “So they’re often not wearing masks.”

    While it is not compulsory for beauty salon workers to wear a mask, there is an expectation of people to follow the rules, so if you think you have been affected by the signs, it is recommended that you get a facial and eye exam to check your health and safety.

    The Queensland Government says the majority are required by law to wear masks but a small number of staff are still not required.

    The rules are different in each state and Territory.

    In the Northern Territory, the regulations state that beauty salon employees are required in all circumstances to wear protective clothing.

    In Queensland, the law states that they are not.

    In Victoria, only those workers who wear a face mask or a face shield are required.

    In New South Wales, only people who have been trained to use the masks are required, while in Tasmania the rules are slightly different.

    “A facial and eyes exam is required for any new or renewal beauty salons, and the requirements for those workers to be certified are different,” Detective Sergeant Stephen Trowbrett said.

    In both states, the new rules apply to people who work in beauty salon and have at least two years of experience.

    However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who are still being left out.

    “There are some people who haven’t been properly trained, but they still have their training, they still don’t know how to wear it properly and it’s very much on the nose,” Detective Sgt Trowbrott said, adding that they had seen people come in with no face mask, a face protector or a head protector.

    “Some of them have never worn a face helmet in their lives and they’re still in the industry, they’re continuing to work.”

    The Queensland Department of Health is investigating the issue Detective Sergeant Steven Trowbord said there is a lot more work that needs to be done to ensure that everyone is following the rules and working together to make the state a safe and pleasant place to work.

    “It’s a shame that people are not getting trained properly and that’s why we’ve launched a facial health survey and we’ve also been running a community education program,” he told 7.30.

    Victoria Police is currently investigating a similar issue.

    According to Detective Sergeant George Smith, Victoria Police is aware of two separate incidents in which staff at beauty saloons were not wearing face masks and he said it was important to have the right training to ensure the safety of everyone.

    “In some cases, you can see people being in the same situation as people who may be wearing a mask and then you see people with masks, you’ll see people not wearing them and you’ll have a number and then it becomes an issue,” he explained.

    In Queensland, only certain employees are currently required to be wearing masks.

    But in the Sunshine and Gold Coast, it was the only requirement.

    Detective Sgt Stephen Trowsbrid said the Queensland Government had taken the advice of health professionals to ensure all people who worked in beauty, including staff at salons and the public, were properly trained and had proper masks.

    Police also spoke to a few people who had visited a beauty saloon who were worried about how the sign would look if it wasn’t a face-mask-wearing person.

    Detective Sergeant Trowsbridge said the sign at the Gold and Sunshine Coast salons should be “in keeping with the signs that have been placed on the premises”. In


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