It was not a perfect day for a visit to Anna’s Beauty Salon.

    I had just finished a cocktail and was enjoying my tea.

    But the atmosphere inside was not what I expected.

    It felt cramped, the staff seemed bored and my conversation with the owner was interrupted by the loud, buzzing of an electric drill.

    I knew what I was in for, but I wasn’t prepared for what I would find inside.

    Anna’s was the first beauty salon in a former church and I had to admit that it had a very unique look to it.

    The salon is tucked away in a tiny, unassuming building in the heart of a small town called Paddington.

    The owner, Anna Baskin, is a British former model and singer.

    She also runs her own hair salon and fashion boutique.

    The decor is minimal.

    There are a few framed photos on the walls.

    There is a few vintage mirrors, a few small tables and a few chairs.

    The beauty salon is not exactly an office setting, with the walls mostly covered with posters of women from the past.

    It was just me and Anna.

    In my previous visit, I had walked into Annas salon in December for my appointment.

    I had been told that Anna had opened up a hair salon in her home for her family.

    The hair salon has become quite popular in recent years, and there are a number of different styles available.

    Anna and her sister, Anna, run the salon and have been around for almost 30 years.

    It was a very strange place to be in.

    I was given a small white coat and asked to wear it as I went in.

    My hair looked beautiful, but it was still quite coarse.

    I needed to get it combed, and I could barely make out the color of my hair.

    When I arrived, I was met with a large group of men, most of them dressed in suits and shirts.

    After about a half hour, I started to feel a little nervous.

    Anna explained that she would be doing a special makeup session, so I walked into a small room, where I found a small, wooden table with a mirror and a large mirror.

    I asked for a shampoo and conditioner, which I was told to give to the women who needed them.

    “We’re not going to do any of that, Anna,” the receptionist said.

    They handed me a box with a couple of shampoo bottles.

    I got one and put it in the sink, but Anna explained that I could only put one in each bottle.

    Once I was done, I asked the reception staff to wash my hair, and after doing so, the men walked me to a small area where they washed my hair and gave me my shampoo and Conditioner.

    They also gave me a pair of white socks.

    We went back to the main salon, and they said I could return to the other side of the room, and that I should put a new coat on.

    But that was not happening.

    Later that day, I went back and sat down at the reception desk and was told that the men would be coming over to me to do their hair and makeup, but that I would not be able to do that in the salon.

    I felt confused.

    I could have walked in and had a hair appointment.

    I didn’t feel like I was getting the treatment that I wanted.

    But a few hours later, I got a call from Anna.

    I spoke to her in English, but she was speaking only Spanish.

    She told me that I was going to get my hair done for the first time ever.

    And here I am.

    For the next two weeks, I have been at Annas salon.

    She explained that the salon had been opened up as a special treat for the people of the village, and she was going out of her way to make sure that the people would be treated with the same respect.

    One of the men, who I asked about my hair was wearing a shirt and a pair and a black hat.

    He was the one who had walked in when I was there.

    Before I went to the salon, I told my family I was planning to start a hair line.

    They were skeptical.

    Then I found out that Annas hair salon is owned by a Christian couple, who are Christian.

    As soon as I arrived there, I felt a little bit nervous.

    I told them that I had a bad feeling about this appointment.

    The receptionist had to take me to the kitchen to make me something to eat.

    She took my phone and asked me if I wanted to use the internet, but in a panic, I said no.

    She then told me I would be able go to her room and get the appointment in person.

    This was my first time at the salon so I was nervous.

    Annas was very kind


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