I had an appointment at a natural beauty clinic for my 8-year-old son this past weekend.

    He had been getting a lot of looks, but I was really hoping for a positive reaction.

    Instead, I was completely disappointed.

    His eyebrows were so thin, he looked like he was holding onto the tips of his fingers, and he was looking like he had been playing hide-and-seek for a while.

    So I just sat there and said, “I don’t want you to look like that.”

    That’s when I noticed something really strange.

    He started looking around and I noticed that his eyes were very blue.

    His hair was all in a different color, and I thought, “Wow, he’s definitely getting some eye makeup.”

    So I decided to try and get some more of that color on my son, and when I did, I had a pretty big surprise.

    He’s still not sure what it is.

    He still doesn’t know what that is.


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