The past few weeks have been the most stressful time of my life.

    I had to work twice as hard as normal and had to get through a week of exams, travel and exams, as well as a lot of stress, to complete my GCSEs.

    I am now looking back on the past week as the most difficult and difficult week of my whole life.

    What was so tough about last week?

    It was so stressful because it was a very hard time for my mum, my sister and me.

    My mum and sister were in the hospital for a few weeks after my mum’s accident and I didn’t know if she would survive the process.

    We had to come up with all our plans for how we would move forward in the future and how we wanted to go through this process.

    There was a lot that we couldn’t do and I think the most important thing for me is to keep working and keep making progress.

    I will definitely keep working until I graduate from my GCS course and I hope I can finish it in time for the exams, so I’m hopeful I can get through my exams and get my GCSSs.

    What did I do well last week that you thought would help me prepare for the next exams?

    I was able to put in the extra effort to be as good as I could, because my mum has been so tough on me and I need to put her down for this.

    I did my homework and put in extra hours.

    When I was in hospital, I worked on my spelling and grammar.

    I also got a lot done.

    I got a little more organised and organised my daily life.

    My sister, Nelly, was a great help to me in getting through the whole process.

    She was able and willing to put my schoolwork aside for me and to help me get through this difficult time, which was hard on her.

    What do you think about your GCSE results?

    I’m really pleased.

    The results I received last week really helped me prepare.

    It was a big relief to know that I got my GCs and I’m hoping to keep progressing.

    It’s been tough, but I’m going to continue to do my best for my exams.

    The only negative thing is that I didn


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