The beauty war has been raging in Australia for the past few years, with a new trend for ‘supermodel’ style, where women wear cosmetics with an eye on getting a cutie mark.

    The latest trend, and what’s causing it, has been dubbed the ‘Beauty War’.

    It started when model and actress Jazmine Rose made headlines last year when she wore makeup in public in Australia.

    A source told the Australian Financial Review that the issue is about the perception of beauty.

    “It’s a lot more about the way you look and the way your body looks than it is the quality of your skin,” the source said.

    Rose, who has a reputation for being extremely pale, wore a dark foundation and a pale lip with a bright yellow top coat.

    Her controversial post drew condemnation from the modelling industry and the media.

    It’s now a trend among fashionistas, with more than 200 Australian fashion brands launching new beauty products in the last two years, including L’Oréal and Benefit Cosmetics.

    Beauty war The beauty war is an online phenomenon that has become increasingly popular since the birth of social media, which is used by thousands of people each day to share photos and videos of themselves and their bodies, and share content about themselves.

    There are so many different brands now competing for the beauty market that brands are trying to keep up with the trends, but they’re not always successful.

    Australian cosmetics brands are struggling to stay ahead of the trends as the beauty war escalates.

    Last year, L’Oreal and Burt’s Bees launched a new line of makeup and beauty products called the ‘Zoya Beauty’.

    Zoya launched the line with the aim of increasing its market share in the Australian market, which had been shrinking over the past 10 years.

    L’Orèal, which has been the most successful beauty brand in Australia, has a new range of products under its new brand, including lipsticks and eyeliners, and has also launched a line of skincare.

    Although the popularity of Zoya has been on the rise, it’s not the only beauty brand with a hot new line. 

    Cosmetics brands such as Benefit Cosmetics and L’Occitane are competing for a bigger share of the beauty and beauty services market in Australia as well as global markets.

    Zara has launched a range of cosmetics in Australia including lip glosses, mascara and brow powders, while Beauty Beauty Cosmetics launched its own line of products in 2017.

    In recent years, beauty has also become more mainstream in the United States.

    Cosmetics and beauty are two of the hottest markets in the world and they are now competing against each other.

    However, the beauty wars are also fuelling other trends, such as women dressing up as superheroes and dressing up like the characters from the hit movie Avengers.

    This trend has become so popular that it has created an international backlash.

    When the Avengers movie was released in theatres in July, actress Emma Stone was criticised for dressing up in an Avengers costume in the movie, The Avengers.

    Source: Instagram, Instagram, Twitter The Australian government is also cracking down on beauty in an attempt to curb the rise of the trend.

    Its recently introduced new beauty standards, which are aimed at improving the look of the population, while also reducing the prevalence of cosmetic brands.

    According to the new standards, women can’t wear products made from ingredients like synthetic fragrances and perfumes and must also have a natural face wash before wearing makeup.

    Men must also adhere to the same standards.

    Source:- ABC News (AAP)


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