A new product from the cosmetics company that makes facial cream is about to be launched in India, but the company is trying to change the way people think about it.

    The FaceBlend, a facial creamer that costs Rs 5,000 ($7,000), is being marketed in India as a “beauty product for the Indian consumer”.

    The product is meant to help women with oily skin, dry skin and blemishes.

    “Our facial cream will help women face-tanning and make them feel comfortable with their skin,” said Arun Srinivasan, founder and CEO of FaceBlender, a small cosmetics company in New Delhi.

    “There are some products that help you feel good but they are not good for the skin.

    Our facial cream helps women with blemish control.”

    The Face Blender is a facial cream that costs a whopping Rs 5 the price of a regular facial cream.

    It works by exfoliating and moisturising the skin, and it comes in three shades: Deep Sea, Deep Blue and Deep Green.

    The company hopes that people will see the FaceBlends as a supplement to their existing skin care products.

    The facial cream, which retails for Rs 7,000, comes in two shades:Deep Sea, a deep blue shade, and Deep Sea Green, a green shade. 

    The Faceblenders are meant to be used by people with oily and dry skin, who want to reduce their blemished, flaky or irritated skin.

    It is meant for women with fine lines and wrinkles, people with fine hair and oily skin.

    The face cream has been designed to help people achieve a natural look without looking too heavy or too thin.

    It has been developed by the India-based facial products and cosmetics company Sriniva.

    “Our goal is to make our products as natural as possible, and to make them available in a more affordable price range,” Srinivasan told Engadge.

    He also said that the company was working on making the product available to women who might not be able to afford it.

    The FaceStuff, a face moisturiser, has also been launched in the country.

    It costs Rs 6,500 ($8,000) and comes in a shade of Deep Sea Blue.

    This is the first facial cream to be developed by India’s leading cosmetics and cosmetics companies.

    The Indian market is expected to become a key market for the Faceblender and Srinievasan hopes that the product will make a big dent in the overall beauty market.

    “People are looking for natural skin care.

    I think we will be able use the product in a healthy way, for women who have oily skin or dry skin,” Sarnath said.


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