The estrella makeup salon in the city of Buenos Aires is one of the few in the country offering affordable makeup services.

    It was founded by makeup artist Estrella Ríos in 2004.

    The salon now has 10 employees, but has never been profitable.

    In January 2018, the salon closed its doors and is being shuttered.

    It is one in a series of closings that have affected many of the small businesses that are still operating in the Buenos Aires city.

    The estrellas main clientele is young people, mostly from Buenos Aires’ poorest neighborhoods.

    It provides affordable makeup and personal care services for a small fee. 

    The salon was founded as a means of getting rich by offering beauty products for an affordable price.

    The founder Estrella told The Jerusalem Report, “The idea is to attract people from the poorest areas of Buenos Aries, from the slums, to Buenos Aires and offer beauty products, because we can offer affordable services.

    For example, the first month we were open, we were able to sell 400 masks a day, which was great for a young woman from the area, and for the elderly, we could sell 500 masks a week.

    We opened this salon for the purpose of bringing beauty products to the impoverished areas of Argentina.”

    In 2016, the estrella closed its door, after nearly a year of operating, but now, its employees are not paid for the work they have done. 

    According to a spokesperson for the Buenos Ayres city council, the city government decided to shut down the salon due to financial issues, because the salon had not been profitable and had been failing to meet the clients’ expectations. 

    “The council decided to close down the Estrella salon because it has not been able to provide the clients with the services they are looking for,” said Maria Carvajal, a spokesperson with the city council. 

    In March 2018, Argentina’s Chamber of Deputies voted to abolish the beauty salon and shut it down.

    “In the last three years, we have seen a lot of changes in the beauty industry, from an increasing number of cosmetic surgeries to a decline in the number of salons and makeup salons,” said Carvahal.

    “The Estrella is the first salon in Argentina that has been shut down because of these changes.” 

    The Argentinian government has also begun dismantling the beauty salons that were built with state funds.

    In 2017, the government announced it would shut down nearly 1,000 beauty saloons in the capital.

    The closure of the salons, which were funded by the government, has resulted in many employees being laid off.

    The city of Tehachapi, which is located on the city’s southern coast, has also closed a number of its beauty salon operations. 

    Despite the closings, Estrella says it is working to keep the salon open.

    “We are still here, we still work,” said Estrella.

    “If we can keep operating and continue to offer our products, it will be better for everyone.

    We will continue to do what we are doing.”


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