You’ve been shopping at a beauty salons in Dubai for the past few months and you’re definitely not the type to take your eyes off the beauty products.

    There’s the glamorous beauty salon at Al Khadir, and the more casual, unpretentious beauty salon next door at Jumeirah.

    But if you’re like us, there are many more than just the usual beauty salon in Dubai, and you probably aren’t alone.

    It’s a growing trend in the UAE, and with a growing number of beauty salon openings every month, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of beauty and nail care.

    The beauty industry has seen a rise in the number of salon openings in the last couple of years, and we’ve taken a look at what the biggest beauty saloons are in Dubai and what they can offer.

    With the latest openings taking place every month and an increasing number of salons opening every day, we’ve compiled a list of the best beauty salums in Dubai that you can visit, and be sure to check out our reviews of some of the hottest beauty salmans in the region.

    What do you think of the top beauty salomones in Dubai?

    We asked some of our UAE beauty experts to help us rank them in the most reputable and reliable spots.

    We’re also looking at what is the best salon in the country, and why.

    We also asked some other UAE beauty pros to share their experiences in Dubai.

    Check out our Dubai beauty tips in the video above, and tell us which one you’d like to see on the list!


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