A California beauty salon owner is telling her staff she will leave the business if she is not allowed to open in the coming months because the state is considering shutting down the state’s only pari beauty and hair salon.

    In a letter to staff on Monday, Angela Hirst said she has already had conversations with other potential locations and has yet to hear back from the state.

    Hirst told The Washington Post on Wednesday that she will make a decision on her future as soon as she has the space open.

    “I feel so helpless, like I’m on a suicidal mission,” Hirst wrote.

    “I am so scared that the state of California is going to close my business, and I can’t believe this is happening.”

    In a statement, Hirst’s attorney said she plans to appeal the state ruling.

    “The decision of the state appeals court to declare the pari salon to be a public nuisance was a mistake and the state needs to make the right call,” said attorney Eric Lipscomb.

    “Hirst has already paid thousands of dollars in fines to the state and she is working with the state to avoid the same fate.

    I am confident that the appeals court will overturn the ruling and reinstate her business.”

    Hirst’s salon is the second largest in the state, and its closure would be a major blow to a state already grappling with high unemployment and poverty rates.

    In May, the state suspended all services for the entire state, including all pari programs.

    The state’s unemployment rate was 9.7 percent in May.

    Hirst told the Post she was concerned about the impact her salon would have on other pari businesses.

    She said she was also concerned that closing the salon would hurt her business.

    “People are really angry with me,” Hides said.

    “People are very, very angry with the fact that I will have to move.

    They’re not going to go to my pari.

    They won’t be in my pario.

    It’s going to be very difficult for them to stay.”

    In addition to her salon, Hines is also the owner of the other salon in the town, where she has been serving as owner since 2012.

    Her salon has a similar atmosphere to Hirsts, with the owners tending to customers.

    “We have all kinds of hair care products,” Hines said.

    In addition, the other two pari services that Hirst operates have also had problems with customers.

    In January, Hides received a letter from a customer who claimed she felt uncomfortable with Hirst after he asked if she was pregnant.

    The woman said she had a miscarriage and she felt “betrayed” by Hirst.

    In April, a customer wrote a complaint about a customer complaining about Hirst saying he had “never felt so embarrassed” to be wearing a wig in a salon.

    Hicks said she is hopeful the state will reconsider the ruling.

    But, she said, she will not let the closure of her salon deter her from continuing to serve customers.

    “We have always tried to do things the right way, and this is not right,” she said.

    “They will shut my salon down if they don’t get their way,” she added.


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