JERUSALEM — India’s Shivas Beauty Salon closed its doors for good Thursday, after an eight-year run and facing criticism for offering low-cost services and failing to provide proper safety and health checks.

    The closure came after a year in which Shivas, in its capital city of New Delhi, won a prestigious Gold Award for its health services.

    The salon, founded in 1983, had a reputation for offering quality services at low prices, but in recent years has faced criticism for lax safety and for not providing adequate testing and treatment.

    It was also criticized for offering an array of products, from face wash to hair color.

    Shivas is also the only salon in India that offers a monthly class on the safety of hair and skin.

    The class, which was held every two months, is a way for the salon to introduce new members to the care of their skin and hair, said Shivas founder and owner, Ravi Kumar.

    “We have a special class for women in India,” he told The Associated Press by phone from New Delhi.

    “The salon’s class was designed to give them the knowledge of proper care of skin and their hair, to show how they should be treated.

    And we also gave them a way to practice their beauty, and we did not teach them how to apply a product, how to wash hair, how they can apply makeup, how much to apply products, how many products they should use.”

    Ravi Kumar told AP he had hoped to open a new salon in the country, but “there is no one who can do it.”

    Shivas closed after the 2017-18 financial year.


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