Kathy’s Beauty Spa, a spa that specialises in making beauty look flawless, is to open its doors in 2018.

    The newly-opened facility will be located in a building currently being used by a local health and beauty salon.

    Kathy’s Beauty is located at 27-40 Stirling Rd, Brisbane.

    Kathleen Larkins, Kathy’s owner and founder, said the new business would allow her to continue making the best beauty products in the country, and she hoped it would also help bring new customers into the area.

    “We are excited to bring this wonderful facility to Brisbane, Queensland to provide our customers with the best in spa services and the highest quality of service, while offering them a comfortable and secure environment,” Ms Larkings said.

    “It will be our first location in Brisbane and our first business to be in a new location in five years, so we are looking forward to bringing this facility to Queensland.”

    With our business booming and our clients growing, we feel the time is right for us to open our doors and take our business to a whole new level.

    “Kathy has long been known for her personalised beauty products.”

    I’ve been a beauty blogger and a beauty salon owner for a long time and have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best and most well-known brands in the beauty industry,” Ms Klesk said.

    She said she had been looking forward with anticipation to opening her doors, but was disappointed that the project had not materialised.”

    There are no new locations in the area yet so we’ll be keeping an eye on the area to see if there are any vacancies and we’re excited to be open for business.

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