Lily & Cosmetics, the popular beauty brand that opened a salon in El Rio Grande, is expected to open a makeup and beauty salon in the area.

    The El Paso-based cosmetics and beauty chain is owned by L’Oréal International.

    El Paso’s city council approved the plans to open Lily &cosmetics on Monday.

    The store will be located at the corner of North Main and W. Main streets in the town of El Paso.

    It will be the second El Paso beauty salon to open in the last six months.

    The first location opened in September 2017 in El Cajon.

    The beauty chain’s makeup and skin care lines are currently available in El Chaparral, San Marcos, and San Fernando Valley.

    Lily &Co will also carry a range of makeup and skincare products.

    El Chaparral resident Doreen Sanchez says the location will be a boon to El Paso as a whole.

    “It’s going to help our community in the beauty industry and make the city a destination for all types of people to shop,” Sanchez said.

    El Guadalupe resident Jessica Pacheco agrees that the new makeup shop will add to the area’s vibrancy.

    “We have a lot of businesses here in El Guada and it’s exciting to see them here, because it means that they have to be here,” she said.

    “The city of El Chapayr has a lot to offer, and this will make us feel more confident and more connected to the community.”

    El Paso City Council member, Mark Gonzales, who represents El Paso, praised the decision.

    “Lily & Co will be opening in El Centro, in a neighborhood that is known for its beauty and its arts,” Gonzales said.

    The council also approved a $10 million plan to provide financial aid for residents affected by the wildfires.

    The city of San Antonio and El Paso County will provide $3 million each, El Paso Mayor Juan Bautista said.


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