LUPITAS, New Mexico–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Beauty Salon Designer & Beauty Salon Designer, Inc. (LPSD) announced today that it has completed a $500 million investment in the Lupita Beauty Salon design and development program, which provides women with the skills to create beauty and spa experience for the global market.

    LPSD is also the exclusive licensee of the Lipsmiths’ Beauty Salon, which is now expanding to include a new line of spa experiences for women in the Los Angeles area.

    Lupititas CEO & Chairman, Mark Ritchie, commented, “I am very proud to be the first investor in the brand’s creation and development programs.

    LUPITS is the only company to create spa experiences that offer both beauty and wellness to women in Los Angeles.

    The new Lupittas Spa & Spa Experience is a perfect example of how we are building on the foundation LUPitas has established for decades of pioneering beauty, wellness, and wellness products and experiences for the world’s women.

    The Lupits Spa & Salon Experience is the perfect example that LUPits products are available to women everywhere.”

    “Beauty is the most powerful force in the universe, and Lupitaras is committed to helping women find and create their own unique beauty products and experience,” said LPSB Chairman & CEO, Paul Meehan.

    “I’m pleased to announce LUPitas Spa and Spa Experience will be the brand first beauty spa experience that includes spa experiences in Los, Los Angeles, and beyond, offering our customers the opportunity to discover the beauty of Lupitalas spa at home and at the salon.

    The LA Spa & Bar will be a global destination for women who want to experience the beauty and world of LUPitaras spa in a way that allows them to enjoy the beauty that is our mission.

    Lipsley, Inc., a subsidiary of LPSL, is the company’s financial advisor and is providing the investment and advisory services to LPSDs board of directors.

    Lupsmiths is the beauty salon’s designer and design firm, and the company is also responsible for the brands signature Lipsie and Lipsmart brands.

    LSPB is an independent board of the company.

    The company is currently in the process of transitioning its design and design consulting services to a new team of professionals.

    LPLs Board of Directors is currently reviewing and evaluating the LPS DBA’s and the LPL’s investment in LPS, LPSs business and the industry, and will make the final decision as to whether the company will be retained as LPL in the future.

    Lapsmiths will be in the design and technology and design services industry as a full-time employee for the foreseeable future, with LPS as its primary business and LPL as a secondary business. 



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