A man wearing a futuristic suit is taking a selfie in front of the building where he has just been installed, but is having none of it. http://t.co/6vXjq5dE5o pic.twitter.com/9s5f5gqPvf — The Irish Sun (@IrishSun) February 27, 2019 The video, created by Maritza Beauty Salon, shows the customer sitting in a chair in front the glass-fronted salon while the man in the suit stands behind him.

    The video was shared by the company on Twitter.

    “I love to travel.

    I’m an avid travel writer, travel blogger and I love to try new things and see new places,” the customer says as he puts his hands up in the air, seemingly in disbelief.

    “So I decided to take this opportunity to do a selfie with this amazing technology,” he continues.

    “A futuristic suit!”

    He is seen looking down at his feet while wearing a pair of headphones.

    Maritzas new suit, created in collaboration with the fashion house, looks very futuristic, but the video shows the man sitting down.

    “In this video, I’m using my smartphone to record the whole experience,” Maritz said in a statement.

    “We have been able to capture this experience through technology and we think that it will be a great tool for travel photography.”

    The company is working with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department for Science, Innovation and Employment, and the Department to bring the project to fruition.

    The man in suit is wearing a “Futurist Suit”, which looks like a space suit, and is also wearing a face mask.

    The design is based on the iconic suits worn by science fiction and fantasy author William Gibson and his characters.

    It is designed to enhance the wearer’s performance and enhance their mood, according to Maritz.

    The company hopes to take the project further by creating a more wearable suit that is more reflective.

    “Our hope is to create a suit that will look more futuristic and a suit which can reflect the wearer, rather than just reflect what they are wearing,” the company said in an update on its website.

    “It would be very much the future, but we’re working on it.”


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