Nelly Dior Salon, The first Nelly Beauty Salon in Los Angeles to include all-inclusive cosmetics and Décor, will open on March 10, 2018, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    The Salon will feature products from Nelly Cosmetics, Nelly, Nellies own luxury cosmetics and Nellys signature collection of cosmetics.

    The salon will also feature Nely’s exclusive line of dyes, and all-natural and vegan cosmetics.

    “Our mission at Nelly is to bring beauty to the masses,” said Nelly owner Misa Tassone in a statement.

    “Our mission is to help you live the life of the party, with the most beautiful products and the most chic makeup, with a focus on natural and vegan products.

    We’re truly committed to making you smile.

    We promise to make you laugh and feel good!”

    Dior Cosmetica, a French luxury cosmetics company based in Paris, has been the leader in the beauty industry for decades.

    In addition to Nelly and Désirée, the brand also sells its own line of beauty products.

    Dior is an international brand with a network of 200,000 stores worldwide.

    It also operates Désoré, Décolines, L’Étoile and Dénées Cosmetiques.

    Dior also operates two beauty studios, which specialize in high-end beauty, as well as a boutique in Paris.


    How to find a beauty salon

    The beauty salon scene in San Francisco is filled with beauty gurus and celebrities, but for many in the city, the most coveted salon in town isn’t the one at Union Square or the one that hosts the Golden Globes.The beauty industry has become a…

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