A British Airways flight to Dubai was cancelled due to a security breach. 

    According to a report in the Daily Mail, the jetliner carrying passengers from London’s Heathrow Airport was diverted to the Dubai International Airport in order to deal with the issue.

    The airline, which was carrying around 40,000 passengers, told customers it would not be able to make the flight.

    The plane was due to arrive at Dubai International on Wednesday afternoon but was cancelled just before the flight departed.

    “The Boeing 737-800 flight is currently being diverted to Dubai International because of an issue with its engine,” a spokesperson for British Airways said in a statement.

    British Airways told customers that the incident was due to an engine problem.

    It is not clear if the issue is connected to a passenger flight that took off from Heathrow on Saturday.

    A British Airways spokesperson told the Mail that the issue was “under investigation” and would be resolved soon.

    As of this morning, there were still no further flights scheduled for Dubai.


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