The best-known beauty salon is actually a small-town beauty salon on the outskirts of the city of New Orleans, and it’s located in the same building that the old Burt’s Bees Beauty Bar is in.

    Its owner, Julie Burt, runs her salon under a sign that reads “Beauty Salon,” and her salon, along with the rest of the neighborhood, is in shambles.

    “There’s so much trash that’s been thrown out there that it’s disgusting,” she told Polygon.

    “It’s so dirty and I have to clean it up.”

    That’s because she has to pay the city to keep the property.

    Burt is also trying to save the rest for her family, which is on the verge of losing their home to foreclosure.

    Burch told Polygons reporter that she’s been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the city in 2005.

    “We had to rebuild a whole bunch of businesses that were damaged or destroyed by Katrina,” she said.

    “The people who lost their homes and businesses, the businesses that went away were not the people that were actually impacted by Katrina.

    They were the people who were forced to move.”

    Burt said she is also the only one who knows where the entire property that she owns is.

    “My son and I don’t know where we are.

    We have to go to a FEMA shelter for our family and for my husband and my daughter, so we can be with them,” she added.

    “So we’re just trying to make sure that we get it fixed, that we don’t lose any of the buildings.”

    For the past couple of years, the property has been under the jurisdiction of the New Orleans City Council.

    But the council is now considering a plan to evict the Burt family, and Burt has said that the city is planning to use eminent domain to remove the property and sell it to pay off the city’s $10 million debt.

    The New Orleans city council also plans to demolish the building, and a local resident told Polygame that the property could be torn down in the next couple of weeks.

    Banners outside the Burch’s Beauty Salon, the only remaining remaining business in New Orleans.

    “They’re going to destroy everything in the neighborhood,” the resident said.

    But Burt told Polygames that she does not fear for her own safety.

    “I don’t have any problems with anyone,” she explained.

    “But I can’t guarantee that it will be perfect. “

    When I first started this business, I made sure that everything was done to keep everything clean, and I did a good job,” she continued.

    “But I can’t guarantee that it will be perfect.

    There’s always going to be people that have problems.”

    She also said that she has no plans to close her salon down, but she will be doing whatever it takes to make the property work.

    “Right now I’m just trying not to let anybody in,” she concluded.


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