The Ruby beauty salon in New Delhi has been closed down after it faced a major health scare, a news report said on Tuesday.

    The news report quoted the Indian Health Ministry saying that a total of eight patients in the salon were admitted to the hospital and six were transferred to a different hospital in the capital Delhi.

    The report said that while the clinic was closed for maintenance work, it is not known what the cause of the patient’s death was.

    The news report also said that the clinic had been operating since December 2013.

    According to the report, the clinic, run by the family of Indian actor-turned-politician, had raised funds for medical supplies, food and other needs of patients, who were treated at the centre by doctors from various states and specialised departments.

    In a tweet on Tuesday, the Ruby Beauty salon owner, Gautam Gautami, said, “The hospital is shut down for maintenance.

    All our staff will be shifted to other hospitals.

    Thank you to all our patients for your support.”

    In an interview with NDTV, Gattami said he had been working at the clinic for about five years.

    “The reason for closure was because we had not been able to collect any revenue from our patients,” he said.

    “Our clinic is a huge undertaking.

    It is a work of love.

    I want to give back to the people who came here, the community, who used to come here and share the beauty of our city with us.”

    The owner also said he would be filing a defamation case against the news agency, which had posted the report.

    Gautim said he was saddened by the incident.

    “I am not even talking to NDTV.

    I am just saying, it’s a shame that they are attacking me,” he told NDTV in a telephone interview.


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