On Thursday, New York magazine unveiled its “Shiva” beauty salon and a few other new spots, which are slated to open next month.

    (The magazine did not reveal which brand was behind the new spots.)

    The news comes as the country’s economy is slowing and it’s become increasingly difficult for Indian women to afford basic necessities.

    The “Shivas” are a collaboration between India’s leading cosmetics brand, Hindustan Sunscreen, and global beauty brand, The National, and will be the first of their kind in India.

    The beauty brand is already the only brand in the country that sells products for men and women.

    The National is already one of the largest cosmetics brands in the world and was founded in 1957 by the daughter of a former Indian Prime Minister and a longtime beauty guru.

    The two brands are synonymous in India, and the two companies have worked together to develop a wide variety of beauty products in India and abroad.

    Hindustans Sunscreen has been one of India’s most successful cosmetics brands and is known for its high-end, luxurious products and its dedication to the quality of its products.

    The brand has also been instrumental in bringing new Indian beauty products to the U.S. for the past two decades.

    In a press release, Hindes Sunscreen CEO Gaurav Gupta said, “India’s beauty market is growing rapidly, but for many women in the developed world, finding a full-service beauty boutique is a struggle.

    We want to change that.”

    The new spots will be available in select locations in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Losang, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta.

    Hinds Sunscreen is one of two major cosmetic brands in India that are owned by the Indian government, with the other being the Indian beauty brand Sun-o-Gram.

    In addition to being based in India but working closely with the government, Hinds is also a global beauty and health brand.

    The Hinds brand is the only major cosmetics brand in India to carry Sun-O-Grams brand of products and has been selling its products in the U:P.

    In India, Sun-gram is a major consumer brand and is also part of Hinds’ portfolio.

    Sun-GRAM also owns and operates a number of Indian beauty brands.

    As part of its commitment to global reach, Sunscreen will continue to sell the products that are designed and manufactured in India through Hinds in the United States. 

    The brand also partnered with U.K.-based beauty brand Estee Lauder to create the “Hinds Beauty Collection,” which includes a range of products from the brands Estee and Estee Cosmetics, as well as some brand new products from Hinds.

    The collection, which will launch in April, will include six new products.

    According to the press release from Hindustani beauty brand Hinds, the new products will be introduced in May and will have an “all-day” formula.

    The product ranges include: A serum moisturizer for sensitive skin A facial moisturizer with a soothing formulation for hydration and soothing makeup A face wash for moisture-sensitive skin A face and body conditioner with an antioxidant-rich formula for moisture and anti-aging and a pH-neutralizing formula for the skin’s natural barrier.

    The products will include a new shade, a scent and an ingredient. 

    Hindustans brand has been the most successful Indian cosmetics brand to date, selling over 1.5 billion products in 2014. 

    With the launch of the new offerings, Hind’s Beauty Collection will continue its commitment of creating products that truly deliver on the promises of the brand. 

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