Donald Trump is expected to announce the establishment of a new beauty salon in his new White House on Thursday, according to sources familiar with the plan.

    Sources familiar with Trump’s plans tell Recode the new salon would be called Ivanka’s Beauty Salon and it would include a number of Trump family members and close associates.

    The new salon is expected be announced at a special White House ceremony at the end of the week, and will reportedly be the first in the new administration.

    “The president and the First Lady will be attending,” one source said.

    “There will be no official announcements at this time.”

    There has been no word on whether the new business will be sold or licensed, or how much the salon will cost.

    But Ivanka Trump, who owns the Trump Organization, is known for being a fierce competitor for lucrative beauty deals.

    She has made no secret of her desire to take over her father’s business.

    During a January speech, she said she wanted to be a “beauty-starved billionaire” who had “more time to work on my brand”.

    “So we’re going to create a whole new beauty brand in the next year that is going to be more accessible and easier to use, easier to manage, and easier for women to find,” she said.

    The Trump Organization also owns the Miss USA beauty pageant and the Miss Universe beauty pageant.


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