By Emily FittsPublished Mar 10, 2019 11:42:19I walked into the boutique with a feeling of anticipation.

    The smell was of minty-fresh hair and a scent of sweet butter.

    It was just like I had seen it on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, with its beautiful blonde haired stylist in the foreground and the glossy beauty of the salon below.

    This was my first time to a hair salon, and I was very curious.

    But my anticipation quickly turned to fear when I saw that the salon was located in Brooklyn.

    I knew that the place had been around for decades, but it was completely new to me.

    It felt very different.

    I was not expecting to have a salon at all.

    The wait was brutal.

    I walked in, and immediately my jaw dropped.

    It smelled like the hair of a young and beautiful woman.

    There were so many hair colors to choose from and the prices were so good that I was able to pay $30 per cut for my entire scalp, plus $3.50 for every cut of my face.

    It would have been easy to just pick a few of the different colors and just walk out, but instead I was waiting in line.

    I wanted to see the salon first-hand, and to make sure that my hair was looking as good as it could.

    I had to be careful not to overdo my manicures.

    I have very sensitive skin, so if I was too rough, my nails would fall off.

    The salon was incredibly small, so I had to wear a tiny little mask to keep my hair from getting on my skin.

    I also had to make my hair look natural.

    I tried to wear it loose, not too much and not too tight.

    I was so excited when I walked into my appointment that I didn’t notice that my manicure was not what I was expecting.

    My stylist, who was a blonde haire, had put on a wig for the salon.

    She had on her blonde curls and she was wearing a white top with a white shirt.

    She looked like she was in her twenties, and yet her hair was so perfectly straight and smooth.

    I thought, Wow, I look like a 20-something.

    She was definitely not that old.

    I walked in and I saw a young woman wearing a floral-print skirt and a white dress.

    Her hair was styled to match her outfit.

    She asked if I wanted a haircut and I said sure.

    She then told me that she was going to do a manicure.

    She explained that she would apply a color and then do her hair and make sure everything was perfect.

    I asked if she could make sure I didn and that I would be done by the time the stylist came.

    She didn’t have time to wait, but the manicure took about an hour.

    It took a lot of time to do.

    She would have to take a lot longer to do my hair and my nails.

    I waited for an hour and then I got up to leave and she asked if there was anything else that I wanted.

    I said yes, and she went to do her manicure and then she went back to her office.

    I sat there and watched her do my nails for another minute.

    I started to get anxious.

    She made me a bottle of oil and she put it in my hairbrush.

    Then I took the bottle out and put my hands on the top and put them over the top of the bottle.

    Then she put the bottle back in my hand and she took the brush out of the hairbrush and she started to apply the oil to my hair.

    It looked amazing, so beautiful and it didn’t dry.

    I then put my hand on my hair to see if it was wet and it was.

    I saw my hair fall out and it had a nice natural shine.

    I didn the oil on my scalp.

    Then she put her head down and I sat down and she told me to take the bottle off and to put my hair back on.

    I put my head down again and she looked down at me and asked if my hair is really falling out.

    She said, No, it’s falling out because of my manicurist.

    I told her I would like to see my hair again.

    I got a hair appointment and then after the manicurists time, I left.

    I have never been so scared of a salon.

    I am not used to waiting in a long line.

    The wait was so long that I had forgotten I was there.

    I left feeling a little nervous and a little worried.

    I had just gotten my hair done and it seemed like I needed to hurry.

    But I had no idea that I could make the best-looking, most beautiful hair possible.

    I ended up getting a cut that was perfect and my hair turned out perfect too.

    It has always been a dream of mine to do something like this.


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