The angel is the name given to the beauty salon that opened in the town of Amys in the northern district of Rajasthan on July 1, 2019.

    The salon was founded by an entrepreneur named Shubhajit, who came from a family of jewelers and was keen to open a beauty salon.

    The first beauty salon opened in Jogeshwari, Uttar Pradesh, in 2008, but the popularity of beauty salons has grown in the last few years.

    Angel Beauty Salon is a joint venture between Angel Fashion Design, a local brand, and the Amys Beauty Salon, a joint-venture between the Amity Beauty Salon and Angel Group.

    The Angel Group is one of the largest beauty salon companies in the country, with about 70 beauty shops.

    The company has been doing well with the Indian market for the past two years, said Shubhan Chaudhary, the head of marketing at the Amethas Beauty Salon.

    “Angel Beauty Salon has been very successful in attracting the local community to the town.

    It has been attracting women in their 20s, 30s and 40s,” he said.

    “This business has been on the rise for a long time and the success of the business has gone beyond the expectations of the people.”

    Angel Beauty is one in a long list of beauty salon operators in the state, and it has been making steady progress in attracting women.

    A study conducted by the National Commission for Women (NCW) in January found that only 15 per cent of women in Amys had a salon at the time of its opening.

    However, the number of women working in the beauty industry is increasing every day, said Chaudyary.

    The popularity of the salon has also spread to other areas of the state.

    “The beauty salon is one that we are very happy to see, and we hope to continue to support it,” said Anand Kaur, a member of the Amethy Community Trust.

    The Amethy community has traditionally owned and operated some of the more prestigious beauty saloon in the city, like the Amythis, an iconic beauty salon in Lucknow.

    In May 2018, the Amyys Beauty was converted into a public space in Amythi in Lucknagar.

    The community had been running the Amithi salon for more than 30 years, and now it has become a public institution, said Kaur.

    The move to convert the Amygys Beauty to a public venue was made after a meeting of the local elders and the people of Amythia, said Gopal Subrahmanyam, a senior member of Amethy.

    The elders agreed to the plan to transform the Amyscys Beauty into a landmark and cultural landmark.

    The conversion has been a boon for the community.

    The congregation had decided to convert Amyscies Beauty to open their own beauty salon and the community members have been happy with the decision, said Subrahmoream.

    The beauty salon has been running in Amy’s area for more years than Amys, but its opening has been delayed because of the work that needs to be done.

    The people of the community have decided to make the conversion a public event, said the Amiyas president.

    “We hope that this will help bring about positive change in the community and will help us attract new women,” he added.

    Angel Group owns the Amytis Beauty Salon in Amyscia.

    Angel has opened four other beauty salontions in the region, and is also planning to open more beauty salrontions in other areas.

    The new Amyas Beauty is being used to attract women to the area.

    “People have a good appetite for beauty, and they want to come here to see it,” Subrahmostam said.

    The residents of Amysci are enthusiastic about the project, but they are apprehensive about the impact it will have on the local environment.

    “Some residents have expressed concerns that this may harm the local flora and fauna,” said Subahmanyam.

    “They are not happy about the transformation of the beauty salong,” he further added.

    “But the community has agreed to accept this project.

    They are not concerned about the effects of the project on the surrounding flora and nature,” said the elder.

    “For now, the project will go ahead,” said Amyash, a resident of Amyasha.

    “It will be a boon to the community.”


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