A few weeks ago, the popular beauty blog, Simply Beautiful Salon, announced that it was shutting down its website, which was originally known as the SimplyBeautyHive.

    It had grown to over 40,000 subscribers.

    It was a move that many people saw as a way for Simply to shut down the blog’s original owner, a former Instagram and Twitter celebrity named Juanita G√≥mez.

    However, the Simple Beauty Hive website remains online, and the SimplerBeauty Hive Instagram account has a few more followers than the original.

    Juanita told The Verge that she is looking for a new home, and that she has already found a potential new home for the Simples Beauty Hive.

    “The new Simples will continue to serve as the place to learn and grow the Simpled community, but it’s also a place where I can continue to be a part of that community,” she told The Guardian.

    Juanitas new home has yet to be announced, but we’ll update this article as soon as we hear more.

    As we reported in May, the original Instagram and Instagram Plus accounts were taken down by Instagram for violating the company’s Terms of Service.

    However a tweet from the original owner of Instagram Plus, @juanitagomez, was deleted after it was discovered that he was using the Instagram Plus account to promote the Simly beauty salon.

    In a post, Juanita explained why the Instagram post had been deleted.

    “I had to take down the Instagram of my old Instagram account because of violations of Instagram’s Terms Of Service.

    I had the opportunity to do it because I feel strongly that Instagram’s community is a safe space and it was never my intention to violate Instagram’s terms.

    In fact, my original Instagram was one of the most popular in the world,” she said.

    “To clarify, the Instagram I used to be in is no longer active, but is no where near as active as it was before.”

    Juanita has not responded to a request for comment.

    Instagram Plus is a new service that allows people to create their own Instagram accounts and have those accounts promoted on Instagram.

    Instagram removed the Instagram account of former Instagram celebrity Juanita in 2017.

    Instagram’s rules state that you cannot promote your personal or business accounts.

    “While I understand the pain of losing my Instagram account, I want to be clear that I never intentionally posted this photo and did not share it to encourage people to use my account,” Juanita wrote.

    “It is a public photo of my husband and a family photo and is a very personal photo that I would not want people to see in a negative light.

    This photo was taken from the comfort of my home and has never been shared by anyone.”

    However, she continued, “I am no longer a part owner of my Instagram Plus Instagram account and am taking the opportunity of this blog to open a new one.

    My husband and I are working on creating a new Instagram account that will continue the SimPLE community of Instagram users and Instagram influencers.”

    We asked Instagram why it deleted the Instagram original Instagram Plus and deleted Juanita’s Instagram Plus.

    The company told The Independent that it had deleted the account for “violations of the Terms of Services and Facebook’s Community Guidelines,” which are posted on Instagram’s Community Rules page.

    Instagram has also been sued by two people for violating copyright laws.

    However it has yet have any comment on Juanitas Instagram post.

    Instagram did not respond to a follow-up request for further comment.


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