In an effort to create a positive atmosphere, the staff at the local shop had recently made a small donation to the local homeless shelter.

    It was a beautiful gesture, and it gave the staff a sense of purpose and pride.

    “The staff at our shop is very much like the homeless community, they have a very good sense of humour,” Ms McLean said.

    This meant that the shop staff and clients were happy to be out and about, and were happy talking to each other.

    It meant that people were open to meeting new people, especially people who weren’t in the know about the shelter or its services.

    That was an important thing to keep in mind, because when you meet new people you often end up hanging out at the same barber shop for a while before heading home.

    After making the donation, the shop was in a good mood, and everyone felt confident that they could do the same.

    However, as time went on, the homeless population began to grow.

    There was also a rise in mental health problems, as people became more stressed and isolated.

    So, in January 2018, the owners and the staff of the local boutique, Lazy Lingerie, decided to give away their handmade, hand-made items.

    A few days before Christmas, the store decided to host a party for staff and customers.

    While the party was a bit different from most parties, it was a fun way to celebrate and thank each other for making a small, symbolic donation.

    Lazy Laningie was also happy to donate their handmade items to a charity and give out a limited number of items to staff and friends of the shop.

    Since then, the business has continued to grow, and has been able to provide a comfortable environment for customers and staff.

    When asked what the most memorable moment of Lazy Leaningie’s first year in business was, Ms Mclean said, “Just the idea of not having to be afraid of anyone.

    Everyone’s always been there, and I love that they’ve stayed there.”

    She added, “I’ve been in that situation before, and they’ve all been so kind to me.”

    When the store closed on January 1, 2018, Lazey Lingeries and Barber Shop is now a new, family-run business.

    The staff and the customers have continued to make the shop happy and positive, and hope that the business can continue to make positive changes in the future.



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