When a beauty salon owner is in financial trouble, he or she might consider moving to another area, where the cost of living is cheaper.

    This is when a salon owner may want to find a new location.

    “I will try to make sure I don’t have to pay more, and I can still make my business a success,” said Mandy Stowe, owner of Bella Beauty Salon in the United Kingdom.

    Stowe said she was in the market for a new salon, and she decided to relocate to a more affluent part of London because she said she could afford it.

    “In this era of austerity, the cost is so much lower,” she said.

    The beauty salon she is considering is in Bayswater, where prices are cheaper and residents are wealthier.

    The salon, which was founded in 1872, has a staff of over 400 people.

    However, she said the turnover of the salon is limited, and it is struggling to keep up with its costs.

    “We don’t pay rent, and we don’t take on staff, so we are trying to find somewhere to put all of our money,” Stowe told ABC News.

    Stowe said the salon has been in business since 2008.

    “The last year we have had a lot of changes, which has made us really struggle,” she added.

    Stoke said her family was not well off financially and that she and her husband are both on food stamps.

    However she said that she is able to cover the costs of the new salon by taking on new clients.

    “It is hard for me because we are so poor, but we are making a lot out of it and it’s all about getting our hair done,” she explained.

    She said that the salon staff are mostly young women who have moved into the area recently and have not had to work as part of a traditional salon.

    Stake said she has had some of her staff leave the salon, but is not going to be leaving anytime soon.


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