By Kate Wilcox, Sydney Morning Herald article A beauty salon owner in Sydney’s north-west is suing the owner of a nearby clothing store, claiming the owner has breached his statutory duty of care by leaving his shop unattended while leaving his property unsecured.

    The owner of the store, Linda Maitland, is suing Lulu Beauty Salon and Spa, which operates from the former St George’s Street, in the NSW Supreme Court.

    Lulu Beauty, a boutique beauty salon at St George Street, has been on the market since 2014, when it moved to the old Sydney shopping centre.

    Owner Linda Mankl said the store was left unattended by a man who entered the premises on December 6, 2017.

    “I did not see the gentleman come in.

    I didn’t know the man was a storelifter,” she said.”

    The gentleman left his clothes on the counter and came out and tried to make a few purchases.”

    The man returned shortly afterwards, stealing the man’s phone, laptop and wallet.

    “He left the property, took the phones, laptop, wallet, then returned to the shop.”

    A few hours later, the same gentleman entered the store and stole the same items,” she alleged.

    Linda Maitlands lawyers claim the store’s owners breached their duty of safekeeping by leaving the shop unattendable for two weeks.

    They also claim the man breached his duty of professional responsibility by not locking the doors and leaving the premises in a timely manner.”

    You’re not going to go out and steal a beauty supply store in the middle of the night,” Ms Maitlanders lawyer, Paul Glynn, said.

    Lloyds said in a statement the man had not been charged.”

    Our investigation found the premises were in the process of being vacated and that there were no signs of criminal activity,” it said.

    But the owner and the lawyer for the man, Mark Stirling, allege Lulu was negligent in not securing the premises and said the shop was left without its doors locked.”

    It is clear the store had not received the appropriate safety measures in place,” Mr Stirling said.

    A statement from the NSW Department of Primary Industries said the NSW police and the department’s Integrated Crime Unit had been notified of the matter.”

    This matter is under investigation by the NSW Police Integrated Crime Taskforce, and no charges will be laid at this time,” the statement said.

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