Bonita beauty salons has been the home of beauty for over 100 years and the beauty secrets of the past have been passed down through generations of Bonita owners and guests.

    Now, it is one of the top beauty destinations in the world and you will find a range of luxurious products, such as makeup, hair care, skincare, skin care and haircare, in the heart of the city.

    Bonita Beauty is one stop shop for all your skin care needs, from the most basic treatments to the most advanced treatments and more.

    Bonitas newest beauty salon, located in the beautiful and historic centre of Bonitos newest district, has been open since 2013 and is one the first to offer the services of the highest standard in Bonita.

    Located just off the main train station, the salon offers the highest level of professional services, such to personalised hair care treatments and the best in skincares, body care and nail care.

    The salon also offers a wide range of home and office services, with salon staff working from home, in front of the salon or in a nearby public area.


    How to find a beauty salon

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