A retired teacher from the Queensland state of Queensland was horrified to discover that his garage was empty when he bought an old Ford Focus back in 1996.

    The car was stored in a garage and parked in his driveway for the next five years.

    When he sold it to a car dealership in 2009, it had been moved to a nearby property.

    “It was a lot of money,” Mr Pemberton said.

    “I was a very lucky man.”

    Mr Pemridge’s car was recently sold by a dealership for $1.9 million.

    “The seller, who is an expert in car dealerships, said it was a $30,000 sale and he was looking for $50,000,” Mr McInnes said.

    A spokeswoman for the dealership told The Sunday Age it was “not possible” to comment on Mr Pimmers property.


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