AUSTRALIA’S biggest beauty salons are opening in the first days of the year and many have the potential to become the new big players in the industry.

    Here are some of the biggest in Australia, according to a new report.


    Lala’s Beauty Salon: The first major beauty salon to open in Sydney since the death of Lala Gault in July 2016.

    It opened in March 2017.

    Its first day of business was a success with sales of $5.6 million.


    Beauty Spa Salon: Located on the outskirts of Brisbane, this salon is popular with beauty professionals from all walks of life and has been running for almost a decade.

    It has been selling its product to the public for more than 40 years.


    Beauty Beauty Salon Spa: Located at a strip mall in Brisbane’s CBD, this beauty salon has been attracting more and more visitors over the past few years.

    It started selling its products to the general public in 2018.


    Beauty Salon at the Beach: Located near the Brisbane River in Brisbane, the spa is popular among both locals and visitors.

    The owners have been selling their products to tourists since 2017.


    Beauty Lounge Spa: The owner of Beauty Lounge is a former beauty school teacher who has since turned her passion into a successful beauty salon.

    It was recently featured in a new documentary on the ABC called “The Beauty Lounge” and recently opened in Melbourne.


    Beauty Studio: Located in the heart of Brisbane’s Old Town, this beautiful beauty studio offers clients a safe and professional environment for all their appointments.


    The Queen’s Beauty Spa: Known for its impeccable quality and the unique way in which it uses natural materials to achieve its unique beauty, this spa is known for its customer service.


    The Beauty Salon and Spa: Another Brisbane beauty salon opened in 2017 and is a popular place to visit for its comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff and a wide range of products.


    Beauty Therapy: This beauty salon is renowned for its quality of care and has the potential as one of the new leaders in the beauty industry.


    Beauty Cafe: A popular place for clients to meet and socialise in the CBD, the Beauty Cafe is a great place to meet with friends and make new ones.

    It also has an extensive range of personal care products.

    Source: ABC News (Australia)


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