Rosa’s Beauty Salon and Oasis Beauty Salon in Mumbai’s Mira Road is famous for its luxurious beauty products, which are known to have a natural and natural-looking look.

    However, one of the more popular mascaras for the women here is the Mascara of the Day mascara.

    Mascaras have been known for their high-pigmentation properties, and this one is no exception.

    It has a matte finish, which makes it easy to blend, and is lightweight.

    However the mascara’s formula does not contain any water, which is important for the makeup artist. 

    It has a creamy consistency that leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.

    However this mascara is not recommended for women with dry or sensitive skin, and can lead to breakouts. 

    Mascara #4 in #3 on the Best Mascars list is the most popular of the three, and it’s one of my personal favourites.

    It’s a creamier formula than the other two mascarascars.

    This mascara has a slightly thicker consistency than the others, and the consistency is thicker in the lash line, but not as thick as the other mascaracas. 

    I find that it’s a little difficult to apply this mascara, but it is easy to remove. 

    The formula is lightweight, which means it does not stick to the eyelid. 

    For my eyes, the formula works better with the eyelids. 

    When I first applied the mascara, I felt a little bit dry, but after a while, the mascara did not clump, and I did not feel itchy at all. 

    However, after a week or so, I noticed a few little droplets of mascara on my lashes, and they were definitely clumpy. 

    In addition, it was quite difficult to remove it with the brush, as the brush tends to clump a bit when it comes out of the tube. 

    If you want a lightweight, easy-to-apply mascara, this is not it. 

     I would recommend that you check out the Lumiere Cosmetics Misc.

    mascara line for a more lightweight, but still effective, mascara.


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