The beauty world is a tough one.

    Many nail salons, even the most well-known ones, offer very few options.

    But it’s hard to blame women for wanting a fresh look every day. 

    The answer may lie in a new salon that aims to cater to all the different nails and body types that women desire. 

    Diana Dandona has opened her first nail salon in India, and her dream is to create an environment that’s accessible to all, even those who are not into nail salon.

    The 35-year-old beauty blogger has opened her own nail salon, Creamsicles, in New Delhi, which opened its doors on September 5, 2016. 

    “Nails are the perfect canvas for my nail art,” she said.

    “They can be done with all kinds of colors, patterns, textures, and finishes.

    I’ve always wanted to create nail art where I can express myself in a unique way.”

    The nail salon is a blend of modern and vintage design. 

    It is meant to reflect the aesthetic of the modern world, with an emphasis on natural finishes and minimal touches. 

    But Diana has found that nail salon owners often do not have the patience or knowledge to know how to make nails look good.

    “Nail salon owners tend to not know how and when to use the products,” she explained.

    “When I opened Creamsicles , I didn’t think I would get the response I’ve gotten from so many people.

    Many people have told me I am amazing and they feel as if I am their new hero.””

    I want to create a space that offers nail salon customers everything they want to know about nail art, from the basics to the more advanced aspects.

    And they can also visit the salon to learn more about my work.”

    The manicure salon will offer a wide variety of manicures, from traditional to contemporary, with a large selection of products.

    It also offers a range of nail polish styles. 

    For women who are looking for a more traditional style, the salon will offer the following: – A manicure by the same artist as your nails. 

    – The ability to order a full manicure set from the shop and receive your nails with a personalized stamp on the front and back of your nails to match your nail colour. 

    – A manicurist who has worked in the nail salon industry before and is familiar with the basics of nail art. 

    These manicures include manicure, powder, and colour manicure. 

    Creme Syrup and The Color Salon, a salon specializing in modern beauty, are both located on the same street. 

    They both offer nail saloons and nail products. 

    Both have a manicure bar, with the salon providing a variety of nail products, including a full range of polish. 

    This means that if you want to buy a new manicure or polish, you can visit both the salon and shop, and have them make it for you. 

    If you want a more sophisticated manicure you can also opt for a complete manicure from the salon. 

    In a world of more affordable nail saloon, the Beauty Salon offers a wide selection of nail salon products, from manicure to color, which you can choose from. 

    And the Cremesicles salon offers the perfect space for an intimate look, where you can ask for tips on your nails and ask for a manicurization or a manicured product, or ask for help to get your nails done.

    The Cleaning Service, which offers nail care, has been in the business for over 40 years. 

    Its founder, Dr. Gopal Chaudhary, started out as a nurse at the Mumbai Medical College Hospital, but later worked as a manicurer at the Kalyan Shoppe in New York. 

    He was passionate about creating a salon for people of all ages and cultures. 

    His passion was to give back to the nail industry by offering the best nail care products and services. 

    Dr. ChaudHary is also the founder of Gopal Chavana , a local nail salon that was set up to cater exclusively to women. 

    When he was working as a professional manicur, he learned that the most common complaint he received from the customers was that the nail polish they wanted to use had a different colour from the polish they had been using previously. 

    To remedy this, he started his own nail salony. 

    A few years ago, Dr Chaud Hary started his new business, Gomantri Spa, to provide a salon atmosphere where customers can have an intimate and professional experience. 

     “I’m a very passionate person, and I really believe that women have a special place in the world.

    They are more beautiful and intelligent than men, and they deserve to be seen,” he said. 

    Goma Spa also offers manicure appointments for those who want a full-fledged manicure experience


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