Amys beauty clinic is opening its first location in Mumbai.

    The Mumbai-based beauty salon store has opened its first salon in the city.

    Amys is the first beauty brand in India to open a new salon in Mumbai, as per reports.

    The salon is located at the same location where Amys Beauty House, the flagship salon in Delhi, opened in 2014.

    Amys Beauty Salon has been serving customers since 2007 and currently has around 1,500 customers.

    The Amys salon has two separate branches in Mumbai and in Ahmedabad, but the new salon will be located at Amys’s brand new location.

    The new Amys boutique will be opened in Mumbai’s Juhu, which is the city’s commercial hub.

    The brand has been working with the state government to bring the new beauty salon to the city and will also have a physical presence in Ahmedabadi, Gujarat, and Kolkata, where Amy has its own stores.


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