PARIS (AP) The French capital’s top-rated salon, Paris Beauty, is an unlikely destination for the likes of a Trump-branded Trump Tower, and yet it’s also a place where people like Rachida Boubakeur live and work.

    She’s not alone.

    More than a dozen other top Parisian beauticians also work there, some of them earning their living by selling their services to clients.

    The salon was built on a former military base in the heart of the city, and it has become one of the most prominent and lucrative businesses in Paris.

    Its owners, Rachid and Alain de la Tour, both 57, have lived in the city since 2000.

    They have been married for 26 years and have four children.

    A former beauty assistant, Boubacheur is the wife of a lawyer, the son of a former minister and the daughter of a retired French military commander.

    She has a master’s degree in law and public health from the University of Paris, and works as a personal trainer, a stylist and a private doctor.

    Her style is decidedly Western, she says, adding, “I like it a lot.”

    Her father, who is also a lawyer and a former president of the French parliament, is a political scientist and former director of the Paris office of the International Monetary Fund.

    She also runs a salon with her husband, a photographer, that is known for its sophisticated, European-style decor.

    She has a wide range of clients and is known as the “soul of Paris,” a term coined by an American beauty-care expert who spent several months there in 2016.

    Boubakeurs salon is a big draw for Trump, whose brand is the third-largest in France, and the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

    The Trump Organization says it employs some 250 people in the Paris area.

    The salon is also known for being among the most expensive in the world, at about $50,000 per hour, according to an interview with the Washington Post.

    But many of the other Parisian beauty experts have said they have never seen Trump’s brand in Paris, even though he has been a frequent visitor to the country.

    Trump’s company has been criticized for not paying its bills on time and has been sued by Parisian authorities over unpaid taxes.

    One of the top-selling products in Paris is a facial mask called the Face Mask, made of foam and made from silicone.

    It is also sold in the United States, China and Britain.

    Other brands include a facial moisturizer called Moisturizer, a skin cream called The Cream and a hair mask called DermaMask, according a website called L’Ecole Nuit by L’Oreal Paris.


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