Anise beauty spa, which is located in the heart of the CBD, has been voted the most beautiful in Melbourne.

    The ANISE Beauty Salon, in the area of Queen Street and King Street, received the award for Beauty Lounge in a poll conducted by Medidata.

    It is a popular salon in the CBD where manicures are usually a popular event.

    The salon is also a favourite for tourists and for those wanting to get a manicured manicure, but can be a little difficult to find.

    The ABC spoke to several clients about how they got their first manicure.

    They include:A resident of the areaA resident from nearbyBryony and a local residentA family from north-east MelbourneThe salon received more than 40 votes from the public, but it was the most popular among residents in the Melbourne CBD.

    The Anise Beauty Salon received 43 votes.

    The results of the poll show that the Anise is the most loved of the beauty spa’s three salon locations, and the best for people wanting to achieve a more natural-looking manicure than traditional.

    The second place is the Beauty Lounge, which received 17 votes.

    But it was still far ahead of the ANISE, which only received four votes.

    There was no way for the ANise to win the beauty lounge crown.

    The Beauty Lounge was ranked fifth on the popularity list.

    However, the ANIS has an extremely strict dress code, and some staff will not wear makeup.

    The staff will only do their best to provide a friendly atmosphere.

    The Avanti Salon in the city centre was voted the best beauty salon for a natural look, and is a great place for visitors.

    The owner, Anna, said she believed the ANIISE is a good choice for anyone wanting a natural-look.

    “People love having a manicurist they can call and ask for advice, they can be the first person to ask a question or to suggest a manicuring,” she said.

    “I think it’s a good experience for a person.”

    It’s also a great way to get in touch with your skin and be seen.

    “A manicure is one of the easiest things to do, so it’s great for people who want to try out a new beauty salon.”


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