5/6 L’Oréal: Marie Laveau Source: L’Oreal,Getty Images 6/6 Thelma and Louise: A-listers L’oreal Source: Thelamp.com 1/6 Madonna: A true icon of glamour Madonna’s career is almost as well known for her stunning beauty as for her undeniable charm.

    The world has seen her become one of the most sought-after pop stars of her generation, but the Queen’s beauty has never been in question.

    She was a star at the height of her fame and was a force of nature throughout her career.

    She once wore a makeup brush on her lips in an attempt to become unrecognisable.

    Getty Images 2/6 Miley Cyrus: A star of the MTV world Cyrus was born on June 15, 1989, and has made her mark on pop culture by appearing on shows such as America’s Next Top Model and Teen Mom.

    Cyrus has also been seen with her own pop star son, Elijah, in recent years.

    He has a collection of celebrity-styled shoes and suits that he’s been wearing on the road.

    Getty 3/6 Beyonce: Beyonce has been one of pop music’s most popular artists since her debut album, Lemonade, hit number one in 1999.

    She has continued to perform, appearing on several albums including her latest album, Purple Rain, and her first solo album, Beyonce, released in 2013.

    The 25-year-old is a regular in the news for her controversial remarks about race, sexuality and body image.

    Getty 4/6 Lady Gaga: The pop superstar has always had an affinity for glamour, dressing in designer outfits that can be spotted everywhere from her latest video to her album covers.

    Gaga is known for wearing designer clothing and makeup, including black, grey and pink.

    Getty 5/4 Christina Aguilera: A woman of many talents Christina Aguilara is a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter who has released six albums in the past two decades.

    Her hits include ‘One Dance’ and ‘Lovesong’, which were nominated for four Grammys.

    The Grammy winner has been in many roles over the years, but most recently she appeared on ABC’s reality show, Dancing With the Stars, and on US reality show The Bachelor.

    Getty 6/4 Katy Perry: The single-handedly turned pop star is a pop icon with a huge fanbase worldwide and she has also appeared on countless TV shows, movies and music videos.

    She’s released several albums, including her third studio album, Dark Horse, which hit number three on the Billboard 200.

    Katy has also made headlines with her controversial comments about race and feminism.

    1/5 Lady Gaga and her band of misfits The Lady Gaga Gang were once one of fashion’s biggest and most successful bands, but after a string of controversial statements, the band split in 2009.

    The group has been touring and releasing albums, but they have been largely overshadowed by the pop star.

    2/5 Taylor Swift: The Canadian pop star’s career took off after her 1989 debut album and her 1989 album, 1989.

    The album became a huge hit, and she released two follow-ups: 1989 and 1989 2.

    Swift’s debut album has sold over 3 million copies worldwide, and while her albums have had more commercial success, Swift has yet to release a solo album.

    Gettys 3/5 Kylie Jenner: The Olympic gold medallist and reality TV star is the face of Kylie Cosmetics, a company that sells makeup and accessories for beauty products.

    Kylie has a large fan base online, and fans can buy her products at the KylieCosmetics.com website.

    Kylies fans have also taken to social media to express their anger towards Jenner.

    Getty 8/5 Miley Stewart: Miley is a former cheerleader who rose to fame with her video for ‘Bad Blood’ and later went on to become a pop star after her breakthrough hit, ‘Blurred Lines’.

    She has released a string


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